Benedict reads a mean tweet (x)

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god bless his tailor


That GIF, tho. 😆

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tmb: favourite wizarding family - Weasley

Red hair and a hand-me-down robe…

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music pie chart

I like how vinyl just kinda stays there

woah take it easy internet

woah I thought vinyl suddenly made a huge comeback
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Celebrities taking the underground

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Dearest Antoinette:
I’m pleased to tell you how wonderful your brothers and sisters are doing in their marriages. Maria Carolina is pregnant expecting her first child in June and Ferdinand is enchanted with Beatrice having made her his wife at once. All this news, which should fill me with contentment is diminished by reflections on your dangerous situation. Everything depends on the wife if she is willing and sweet. I can’t repeat enough the importance for you to employ charm and patience never ill humor, to remedy this unfortunate situation. Remember, nothing is certain about your place there…until an heir is produced.

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"A comprehensive botanical A-Z of magical herbs and fungi for easy plant identification and application"
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winterfele© tanaquil
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  •  1. What face claim would you use to play yourself?
  •  2. Who is your favorite canon character to play? Why?
  •  3. Who is your favorite OC to play? Why?
  •  4. What face claim do you play the most?
  •  5. What face claim have you been dying to play?
  •  6. What are your favorite kinds of characters to play?
  •  7. What roleplays have you been in?
  •  8. What kind of roleplays do you usually play in?
  •  9. Are there any roleplays you're excited for?
  •  10. What roleplays are you currently in?
  •  11. How long have you been roleplaying?
  •  12. Why do you roleplay?
  •  13. What sort of character are you dying to play?
  •  14. Tell me about one bad roleplay experience.
  •  15. Who is your favorite person to roleplay with?
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Happy 33rd Birthday, Joseph Gordon-Levitt! (February 17th, 1981)

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